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Business with the Brazilian Government

One of the most relevant business sectors of the economy is the purchase made by public departments. Due to public policy that seeks to guarantee the social welfare (which requires the State responsibility for the provision of health systems, education, security, transport, among various other instruments that can ensure social, political and economic excellence of its citizens), a considerable part of the Brazilian GDP is strongly linked to government spending.

More About Brazil Business and Investments

To assist companies which have interest to invest in Brazil, since its formation in Brazilian territory and as a liaison with governmental institutions, is the mission of Eagle Consultoria e Assessoria. With a growing and sustainable economy, Brazil became the center of attention in the business world scenario. With its booming economy, being one of the countries that least suffered with the economy crisis that shook the globe in 2009/2010, coupled with incredible growth potential that has shown, Brazil is the target country for most investment companies, who see an opportunity to explore one of the fastest growing global economies. BBI helps foreign companies in How to invest in Brazil?

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